Hammerbrook – Hamburg’s new hotbed of creativity.

An industrial location steeped in tradition and a place for innovative companies to drop anchor: the Hammerbrook district, southeast of Hamburg’s city centre, has been developing into one of the most exciting parts of the city for years. A tangible spirit of optimism is in the air: the Billebogen development area – between the Elbe, Bille and Eiffestrasse – is set to become the ‘warehouse district of the 21st century’: a place of trade, commerce and the Hanseatic way of life, characterised by entrepreneurial spirit and new ideas, perfectly connected to the gateway to the world, crossed by the Bille, a tributary of the Elbe, and its canals.

S Rothenburgsort

800 m

S Hammerbrook

1 km

U+S Berliner Tor

1,5 km

U+S Elbbrücken

1,5 km


2,8 km

Autobahn A1

5 km

Hamburg Airport

11 km

Stadtrad Station

Busse 25, 112, 154, 160

Bus 112

Busse 120, 122, 124, 160, 224, 530

Bus 154

Busse 120, 122, 130, 160,  224, 530

weekly market


Ristorante Alitalia


El Greco


Freshfood Factory

Watan Restaurant

Ghana Aba Abrokyire

Mc Donald‘s & Mc Café



Kantine Stadtreinigung

Chiyo Sushibar

Tiki Poke Bowl

Hamburg is built here on the waterfront.

The Elbe has always been the lifeline of Hamburg – and its tributary the Bille shapes the way of life in the Hammerbrook district: almost every street here is on the banks of the Bille and its numerous canals. Innovative companies, fresh ideas and the courage to break new ground are just as ubiquitous as water and bridges.

Hammerbrook is Hamburg condensed in a very small space: cosmopolitan, international, inspiring – and always built close to the water.


A district that
bridges the gab
between history
and Innovation.

Exciting architecture, a waterfront location and short distances to the city centre, the main train station, the airport and the next lunch break: Hammerbrook is the ideal location for anyone who wants to work in an inspiring district that melds future and tradition.